Standards not supported with experienced instructors, will lack any basis for unity in tactics, techniques and procedures.


The SAT-Team syllabus is an almost infinite interlocking skill combination. Using SIA standards as a platform we incorporate professional procedures that are multifunctional and compatible to the commercial-sectors activities.


Corporate Close Protection values were judged on how the bodyguard reacted to an incident. With today’s shifting instability and ever changing regional threats the emphasis is on avoidance. They need a specialist trained to operate in an international dimension in any country worldwide. This includes developing or hostile regions where the protection officer is trained to operate in former battlefields areas and to identify the risk from, landmines, improvised explosives devises and unexploded battlefield ordnance.

The corporate sector want a specialist in protective risk management who if need be can operate in a counter intelligence mode. They need someone who is academically adapted and can conduct risk assessments and security surveys of residences and places of work. Avoiding any attack requires specific situation awareness; the protection officer knows any attack is dependent on position, time and opportunity.

With the right training these can be predicted. If they can be predicted they can be avoided. It doesn’t stop there; the officer is trained in field medics, health and safety and can remind staff of the importance of prophylactic medicine. He must be able to conduct pre-deployment training for the Principal and key members of staff and overseas he can assess, train and audit local guards.

This requires something more than a security guard.