Standards not supported with experienced instructors, will lack any basis for unity in tactics, techniques and procedures.


The SAT-Team syllabus is an almost infinite interlocking skill combination. Using SIA standards as a platform we incorporate professional procedures that are multifunctional and compatible to the commercial-sectors activities.

Human Intelligence Collation (Humint)

HUMINT is the only effective way in which one can determine the true intent of an organisation or person of interest. These operations have provided the core intelligence that has enabled the most significant exploitation operations in the 20th century.

The actions of UK HUMINT personnel has led directly to the saving of countless lives and the protected many millions of pounds of property. HUMINT is cost effective and flexible - one does not require investment and maintenance of millions of pounds of technology.

Without HUMINT, any security agency is at an enormous disadvantage when protecting against organisations and malcontents who have almost unlimited freedom of movement across the map.


Training Period: 24 weeks apx
Format: Blended/Classroom Learning
Cost: POA

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