Standards not supported with experienced instructors, will lack any basis for unity in tactics, techniques and procedures.


The SAT-Team syllabus is an almost infinite interlocking skill combination. Using SIA standards as a platform we incorporate professional procedures that are multifunctional and compatible to the commercial-sectors activities.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

In today’s technological world one this in certain, anyone can be the target of some level of covert eavesdropping. The technical challenges of this progress have created new opportunities for both the criminal and the security officer. These include the prevalent threats from many of the transmitter that can be purchased in kit form or the generally available consumer devices. These include low power wireless microphones, wireless intercom systems, baby monitors, and similar products.

SAT-Team electronic countermeasures training start with providing the student with knowledge of criminal attack methods what he can do and how he does it. We teach the characteristics of a device and how the presence can be located by oblique search methods. This is done by finding the power source or antenna, re-broadcaster or the frequency. We teach how to look for indicators that tell the searcher that a device has been planted. This simple course reduces the main and most prevalent risk of cheap devices and is run as part of our corporate close protection course or as a stand alone course for security professionals.

Not all devices are simple to find the next level includes products not normally available to the public or sold retail. The most popular products are UHF and VHF wireless microphones. These products are quasi-legal and are readily available to professionals but generally too expensive for amateurs or low level criminals. At this level special emphasis is given to detecting and countering espionage directed by semi-professional eavesdroppers. After training the student will be able to determine the existence and capability of surveillance equipment being used against the corporation. These courses are stand alone and conducted only when the minimum quota of students are filled.

The highest level of threat is available mainly to hostile intelligence agencies. These include equipment or devices on the cutting edge of science. This equipment is typically not available to the general public and may include special classified or unclassified battlefield communications systems, SATCOM systems, GPS systems, Avionics Systems, the list is extensive. All are designed not to be detected during a typical TSCM sweep and this type of threat always assumes that TSCM activities will be performed at the subject location. The eavesdroppers will be monitoring "guard-bands" to detect TSCM teams. In this area we teach how to spot indicators of surveillance and procedures that prevent the eavesdropper from obtaining information.

Training Period: 4 weeks apx
Format: Blended/Classroom & Field Learning

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