Standards not supported with experienced instructors, will lack any basis for unity in tactics, techniques and procedures.



The SAT-Team syllabus is an almost infinite interlocking skill combination. Using SIA standards as a platform we incorporate professional procedures that are multifunctional and compatible to the commercial-sectors activities.

SAT Team Tactical Edge


The general concept of weapon training is teaching the student safety, mechanical safety and stoppage drills followed by aiming, holding and firing. These principals of shooting can be taught at any target range.
What you don't get on a target range are battle handling lessons, known as team tactics? SATT Tactical Edge is a pure tactics course, specifically designed for protection and corporate security professionals.
The only way SAT Team can add realism and highlight safety in such a short period, is by using realistic air soft weapons. This allows our instructors to spend the majority of time, training tactics.

Please note this course is only open to former military, police or civilians who are eligible to hold a current firearms certificate.

Training Period: 1weekend
Format: Classroom, Indoor Range and Practice Field : Minimum Class Size: 12
Cost: £145.00 ex VAT per person (POA for Dept)

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