Standards not supported with experience instructors, will lack any basis for unity in tactics, techniques and procedures.


The SAT-Team syllabus is an almost infinite interlocking skill combination. Using SIA standards as a platform we incorporate professional procedures that are multifunctional and compatible to the commercial-sectors activities.

Close Protection

We run three close protection courses.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) Standard Close Protection Course

This is the basic SIA license fundamental to the acquisition of more advanced skills, and is the cornerstone of ability. Training lasts 150 hours allowing for students to sit the SIA national exam.

Training Period: 150 hours
Format: Blended Learning
Minimum Class Size: 4 +
Cost: 1800.00 (ex VAT)

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NATO Close Protection Training Course CPT/BSI 6910-99-551-8178

NATO CPT/BSI 6910-99-551-8178 NCAGE U0AG0 US DoD CAGE U0AG0

This is an officially numbered NATO course. The standard includes both the Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards and the British Standards Institute (BSI-PAS) as the platform. The BSI additions include standards that are multifunctional and more compatible to the commercial-sectors international activities.

This creates individuals whose skills are more appropriate to safeguarding commercial activities in hazardous or developing countries. Combined with the NATO standard, it includes additional procedures for hostile environments. This training curriculum is being reviewed for approval by the United States of America, State Departments, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Training Centre, the US Department of Defence and the US Office of Protective Operations. The NATO standard identifies requirements which must be included in DOD contracts where private security contractors will be armed in line with US Fragmentary Order 09-109.

The training last 500 hours and includes blended learning.

Training Period: 500 hours
Format: Blended/Classroom Practical Learning
Minimum Class Size: 14 +
Cost: POA

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Refresher Training

Refresher courses are initiated for those with prior learning. To find out more on this course please contact us for eligibility requirements

Training Period: 24 hours
Format: Blended/Classroom Learning
Minimum Class Size: 4 +
Cost: 352.50 (ex VAT) POA

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The SIA (Security Industry Authority) Door Supervisor Course

This course is for UK Door Supervisors and meets or exceeds current requirements.

The Door Supervision training course is designed to educate door supervisors on the laws governing licensed premises, their management procedures and best practices in dealing with members of the public. Under the licensing act of 2003, in order to undertake certain business activities a Premises Licence must be obtained from the local authority. Examples of activities requiring premises license are - supply of alcohol by retail, provision of regulated entertainment (dancing, singing, theatre performance, cinema/movies, football) and late night cafes etc. For the purpose of SIA licence the Door Supervisor's training course is focused mainly on venues where alcohol is sold by retail i.e. Pubs and night clubs. It is in these licensed premises that a Door Supervisor is required to maintain security and order.

Training Period: 24 hours
Format: Classroom Learning
Minimum Class Size: 4 +
Cost: from 135.00 (exc VAT) to POA

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